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  Zomato ad - The Wit




This Ad was made for Zomato’s “20 seconds to a million!” contest as part of crowd-sourcing project. We cleared  the first round and  were selected as one among top 88 ads out of 364 ads. We entered the second round and our ad was shortlisted there as well as one in top 7 ads. Though we couldn’t win the contest, the entire process did give us a whole new experience and boosted our attempt to foray into the world of an ad-making.


Concept generation/ Discussion 22 Apr
Shooting 28 Apr
Editing 29 Apr
Music 5-9 May
Release 12 May





Girish Bijjal
Lord Shanmukha
Sachin Bhat
Lord Ganesha
Mahesh A
Lord Shiva
Goddess Parvathi



Produced by by2coffeefilms
Screenplay/Directed/Edited by Bharath Balemane
Cinematography Gururaj Bagli
Concept/Assistant Direction Shridhar Reddy
Sounds/Account Vishwanath Navalehal
Production Management Amaranth V B
Production Support Chidanand G, Bharath HM, Chetan Shetty
Music by Keerthan


There’s this mythological story (which I assume most of them would be aware of) where in Lord Shiva sets a competition between his two sons Ganesha and Karthik as to who would circle the world thrice in less time to determine who deserves the prized Mango. Supposedly, to determine who was wiser of the two. As is expected, Ganesha puts his sharp wit into action and emerges winner by circling around his parents Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati thrice giving plausible explanation that they represent entire Universe. Meanwhile, Karthik keeps roaming the world. Well, that’s pretty much explains our concept for this Ad!!! Why check an information the hard-way when one can get all the information one needs at their fingertips!!!