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the [un]civilized - Cast & Crew

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March 2011

 Mahesh MP
 Chidanand G
 Girish Bijjal

Screenplay, Editing and Direction 
 Bharath Balemane

Cinematography and Titles
 Gururaj Bagli

Production Management and Promo write-ups
 Amarnath V.B.

Accounts and Production Support
 Chidanand G.

 Vishwanath Navalehal

Concept, Storyboard and Creative Inputs
 By2coffee Films Team

How often have we been the victims of un-common sense and ‘chaltha hain’ attitude of the people? How often have we seen the civic sense of the people going for a toss? Is it so much of asking to have a minimum amount of civic sense while being in public? Is it not our responsibility to behave ourselves and help each other in keeping our city clean? The short-film ‘the [un]civilized’ depicts few instances where ‘chaltha hain’ attitude of the people affects the common man in general. The plot is simple. The black & white look of the movie, the fast movement of the film and the dialogue-cards in between the shots/scenes give a vintage and comic look. It has greatly enhanced the overall quality of the movie by few notches.