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DemoNcracy - Cast & Crew

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Jan 2011    |    

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 Vishwanath Navalehal
 Gururaj Bagli
 Ullas Kooli
 Girish Bijjal
 Ashwini Shivanand
 Shridhar Reddy

Concept, Editing and Direction 
 Bharath Balemane

 Syed Irfan Pasha

Screenplay and Background Score
 Background track of TOI's 'A day in the life of India'

Creative Inputs and Art 
 By2coffee Films Team
‘DemoNcracY’ highlights the pathetic state of 4 pillars of Indian Democracy namely Legislative, Executive, Judiciary and the Press (Media). No wonder that the ‘tamasha’ created by these people alike affects ‘common man’ the most. Isn’t it high time to raise our voice against such people/system? The challenge was to adopt the background track 'azab tamasha..ghazab tamasha..' which obviously reflects the chaotic India, Jugaad India, Asli India in a way to the happenings in the respective so called pillars. The scene composition is carefully done to match the lyrics albeit sarcastically!!!