2013 ~ 2015 - Spreading Our Wings

February 16, 2015


A special bond between two best friends is tested when one of them is betrayed by their boss, local don Shri. Shivani and Rudra are home waiting for Veer who hasn't been answering his phone.

January 10, 2015

Tak! Tak!! Tak!!!

Shiv goes missing after his birthday party. Is he murdered? Or is he kidnapped? In a case where everybody is a suspect, who is the real culprit? Does the mysterious knocking sounds "Tak Tak Tak" heard by ONLY one of his friends hold any clues?

November 17, 2014

ಆಸರೆ - Reliance

If we do not value our elders while they are with us, it might be to late to realise it when they are gone. Yes! Foundation's 2014 popular choice award nominee.

December 16, 2013


"SwaDesh", a track from the album, "Journey" by SvarAmrita. It is in Raag Des which pays respect to the country. Vande mataram!

June 15, 2013


This film tries to show how one fails miserably and loses oneself in the realm of Maaya/cosmic illusion of life. It is a depiction of the conflict between the mind and inner consciousness in relation with other human qualities -- good or bad -- and suggests that the only hope to attain the purpose of life is through Spirituality.