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SOS - Making

posted Jul 26, 2010, 5:01 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Jul 31, 2010, 6:38 PM by Vivek Shivaprabhu ]

It was late night on one of the weekends of Nov 2008. Couple of my best friends Pramod and Chidu had come to my place to join the impromptu weekend party!! J Pramod got this crazy idea of singing Gazhal at midnight 12:00. When we say Ghazal, who else will come to our mind other than Gazhal king Jagjith Singh (Don’t blame me if somebody else has come to your mind!! J  ) So we picked up one good track of the master. The singer in Pramod came alive from no-where and he started singing with great expressions!!! Not sure what made us laugh but we soon found laughing ourselves uncontrollably but he was oblivious of the situation and dint seem to stop. It is said that Ghazal normally elevates the mood of the party but for us it was the other way around…party and Pramod’s histrionics had increased the effect of Gazhal!!!! J I picked up the camera made him to sit at different places in a small room and started taking shots while the song went on and on….I doubt if he was aware that we were taking different takes!! J I think (?) it was an effect of a “Gazhal” …We did a quick editing later next day when we were completely out of “Gazhal” mood.

It was a time when we had one more round of blast with a laugh when we saw his amazing performance (if I may call so! J) and whenever we see this clip we laugh up to our heart’s content only to relax ourselves from stress so we called it ‘Song Of Soul – an ultimate stress buster’.

As a matter of fact, I don’t consider this as a “film” in a real sense as it doesn’t have any qualities of a movie. Neither there was a proper planning nor does it have script/screenplay/lyrics of its own. I would just say this is a funny video shot on the spot. A video that was shot to capture the fantastic time we had experienced on that day! Nothing more nothing less! This video has found its place in our website only because people who know Pramod found it very funny and told us that they also had a good time watching it!!!

So I will leave it to your thinking if you would like to consider it as a watchable video or not. If you have watched SOS already and felt relaxed then do write to us or if u’ve found it not-so-funny excuse us!J

- Bharath Balemane