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posted Jul 11, 2010, 11:11 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Jul 12, 2010, 12:08 AM by Vivek Shivaprabhu ]

It hs bn 8yrs since I hve been in  Bangalore! Both Bangalore and I have grown a lot since then but the rate at which B‘lore grew far outweighed mine!! The crux of the matter was while my growth was linear, B’lore grew in all directions which can best be described as ‘haphazard growth’. This was due to reasons known and unknown (which I wouldn’t like to dwell right now) and due to efficiency and in-efficiency of some minds who were at the helm!!  Had it been just growth factor then I guess nobody wud have mind it but it started to interfere in the lives of the people in more ways than one. The pace at which B’lore grew made the lives of the people fast-paced too!!! People started to show their sense of urgency in everything they did and it started to reflect more on the roads!! The way people go about their driving with scant respect to the road-rules is crazy! Un-necessarily honking horns with patience having thrown out of the window, people have found out that roads seem to be the best outlet to vent out their frustration! It is no wonder that so many lives are taken OFF the road every year due to sheer negligence and insensibility. The sad part is people who are innocent suffer as much as the people who commit mistakes. A small attempt has been made by by2coffee films unit by creating a short-movie "SIGNAL" to mirror the consequences people may have to face if NO RESPECT is given to the rules of the traffic. 

It's releasing soon!! Watch out for this space.....

- Guru