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SeventYn - Feedback

posted Jul 5, 2013, 10:31 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Aug 12, 2014, 8:21 AM ]

From Email

Hi Amar,

Fascinating movie. I was wondering where it was going till the dialog came on. Then I realized how deep the movie was. And how metaphorical the meaning. It all made sense.

Then I read the subtext and was amazed at the extent of thinking that had gone in. Reading about the source of inspiration for the movie as well as the various details was fascinating. And I did read the making (at least to sections). It does look like a lot of effort. Well, maybe one can think of getting aspirants for a PMP certification in project management to instead do production management for a short movie!

Congratulations to you and all the crew and cast for a very well made movie

~ Arun Tanksali

Saw the shortfilm!! It was really good! Specially the Cinematography and acting by some key actors. Nice attempt!

~ Biswajith Krishna Setty

Totally loved it, Bharath. Not many would dare to choose such a theme for a short film and execute it so well. Kudos to you and everyone involved. :)

~ Swaheel K

Congrats Team…. You people did a amazing Job… Proud of you all…. Expecting more and More creative projects from you.

Wish you all success in your Future endeavors. Good Luck Team!!...

~ Ramachandra Hegde

The  message that you want to send out to the audience is wonderfully depicted in simple scenes and dialogues

Adding the making of the film is also a good improvement. A video would have been better though. This movie has definitely taken by2coffee to the next level

~ Suma S B

nice. I liked it. cheers.

~ Sudheendra

A very good direction , cinematography , editing ..

Kudus to the music team which I guess was the main backbone of the movie.

~ Prashanth Nayak

SeventYn is an awesome film. My hearty congratulations to the team.

~ Preetam AG Mangalore

I have seen your short films and found it very interesting. The concept is good and the way you have presented it on the screen is beautiful.

~ Shwetha Kannahalli

I watched your movie today morning. It is a very nice concept told in a very innovative way. One could feel the effort that has gone behind the scenes. The actors have also given their best. Congratulations to the entire crew!

I have read through the details of how carefully you have selected the raagas. But I felt the Carnatic music background gave a feel that the guy is very pious and gentle which he is not. Also, I could not understand what the Yakshagana actor represented.

~ Raj

I have sent it to all my of friends :), at least whoever is interested can watch & comment. I really like the way the music has covered all scenes and sequences. Good work Bhatta :)

~ Krishnananda V Prabhu


Elru nimma short film nodidvi… It’s very nice… Everything is thought of in so much detail… It’s an excellent job J Congratulations .

~ Sharadhi H S

Great Stuff. Cleanly Done. Took time to sync in, but gets in nicely. Will pass it on.

~ Zunder Lekshmanan

From Youtube Comments

In the journey of Life Car as a body, Driver as a soul person attains his youth @17. Then he gains samskar(Yogi) from parents & society, He get addicted to intoxication(drunkard) followed with material opulence(Nata) when he encounters opposite sex he least bother abt Samskaar what he received & drop it(Yogi) though his consciousness Says "NO" to what he decides. His youth leave him @70, When he analyze his mistake he remembers his samskar but at that time Light of Body goes off

What a presentation Bharath !! Simply Superb !! I am not pampering you.. I have not seen such videos after Malgudi Days Series... I pray, May your work reach many and enlighten them....

~ Dhananjay Bhandarkar

Sakkhath aagide bharath..!! Tandada ellariguu abhinandanegalu.. :-)
~Guruprasad R

class bharath.......class.......
~vinay.k.s. Koundinya

Awesome execution Bharath! Genial stuff!

Good One..Keep it up.
~Shiva Kumar Hassan

From Facebook

Short film directed by my friend Bharath Balemane .. I can assure you will appreciate the concept. One of best I have seen from By2Coffee films :)

~Girish UT

A short film with an amazing concept and an even amazing execution! Kudos Bharath Balemane! Great work on music by Vishwesh Bhat! Super stuff!

~Ajit Padmanabh

Hi friends, Please watch the short film by ByTwo coffee films with a unique concept.. Thanks to our music team for the wonderful classical musical treat - Manjeera Valluri Phanindra Bhaskara Aditya Mp Krishna Prasad Sahana Bhat Sushruth Kanathur Ashwini Bhat Ramesh Bhat Vishwesh Bhat
~Sushruth Kanathur

Bhanu Prakash K C very meaningful short movie.. i am so glad that I watched it ! thanks
~Saurabh Rao