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My Dream 8

posted May 23, 2012, 12:09 AM by Vivek Shivaprabhu   [ updated May 23, 2012, 11:01 PM ]

2012 for My Dream has started on a positive note. Personally, it is a realization of a long cherished and nurtured dream. To get back on the hallowed podium of the college where I studied and deliver a lecture/ presentation. This also marks a third generation in the family to have shared the stage in this prestigious institution, a matter of pride and achievement.

With just a day’s notice the principal of Vijayanagar College, Hospet agreed to host My Dream VIII at their premises and gave us the state of the art conference hall. The event was conducted under the College’s science association. The eager and curious students assembled. We were a bit apprehensive, since this was our first attempt at addressing the college students with our short films. We had the challenge to prove to the Principal, staff and Students that their time and resources were put to good use.

The event began with a warm welcome and introduction by the Science Association president. We started with a brief chat on hobbies, films, short films, By2 coffee films team and project My Dream. The audience actively participated in this chat and discussion and warmed up to what lay ahead. We started with ‘Signal’, which made them sit back and ponder on their mannerisms on road. The lecturers were impressed.

We then screened Demoncracy, U-Turn and Uncivilized. All of these were well received. We sighed in relief realizing that the audience related to these short films, their messages and our efforts. The poignant question was, how do they stand up to wrong doers. Inherently we all want to be law abiding citizens, but are not expressive and motivated enough to stand up to our convictions. We just hope our short films served to be motivators. The discussions ranged from forms of corruption to urban lifestyle and relationships. Funny takes, prompt doubts, genuine concerns, practical issues were all part of the hour long event reminding us what was it like to be in a college. The students would’ve gone on and on with discussions and we were eager to show them other films, but for the time constraint.

In the concluding speech, the principal Mr. Police Patil, profusely thanked us for portraying issues which they try to address day in and day out. Very categorically, he reminded the students to take with them the messages and issues from the short films. He openly expressed that the previous day he’d reservations against conducting this event but at the end of the event was a very satisfied man and invited us to address the entire college some other time. We were felicitated and thanked by the college and the Science Association, which hosted us.

The students who were not informed of this event went in groups and complained to my father as to why all of them were not invited. I am glad that the first My Dream event for the college students was a success. They said, they wanted us to conduct yet another screening. On behalf of B2C I thank my father for having spoken to the Principal to arrange this event.

-Ashwini Sivanand

Statistics: We reached out to 100 students