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My Dream - Anniversary Event II

posted Sep 14, 2012, 2:16 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Sep 20, 2012, 4:05 AM by Vivek Shivaprabhu ]

Dear Friends,

Time, it really flies. Otherwise, how do you explain that My Dream is now 2 years old, conducted 13 events, reached over a 1000 children and a few hundred adults. What started as a though turned into a hobby and has become a serious entity in about 2 years time. We chose Karnataka Public School in Haveri for our Anniversary event. Since Aug 15 fell mid-week we conducted the event on Aug 18. This school, though not government run was chosen for a purpose. It is run by a trust and a person with a vision to provide quality education to rural children.

It was a beautiful day to drive on the NH4. In a drought like situation it was heartening to see the rain fed fields on either side of the highway glistening in green carpets of maize, jowar, groundnut and mulberry. The light drizzle and an overcast sky completed the perfect picture. The kickbacks for spending a weekend for a worthy cause J !

Ullas and I were joined by my parents, Bharath, Shwetha, Shruthi and Amar. While we were busy setting up the projector, banner etc we dint realize that the students had taken seats. For the first time we experienced such disciplined students who were dot on time and not a voice to be heard until the event started. They needed no guidance to sit in an organized fashion! A big shout out to those students and their teachers.

They were very excited to see our films and were equally curious to know about short films, how they are made and what they are like. The discussions were fruitful. They were rapt and articulated the theme of each of the short films very well. They were not afraid of opening up and were encouraged to speak out as we started giving them small gifts whenever they spoke. They enjoyed watching these short films and we believe they took home the message.

It is a strange feeling when someone very elder to us takes time to sit through the event, appreciates what we are doing and shower praise on us for the kind of work we are doing. It is a big boost. This is what Prof. Virupakshappa C. Koragal did to us that day. He advised the students to look upon us as role models and congratulated us for our social concern, enthusiasm. He also advised us to come up with films on substance abuse, water/ energy conservation and on saving the environment. We have planned to take these subjects ASAP.

Our biggest supporter and boost in terms of morality and ideas, Dr.Shivanand summed up the event with a fine story about how to increase one’s worth by acquiring talents, fine tuning them and putting them to good use. He reiterated what Prof.Koragal had previously said. He also highlighted that we held a regular jobs, had responsibilities  but still take time out to create such films and bring it to such students. He also appreciated all our supporters, donors and volunteers for standing by us.

Friends, it is really difficult to put everything that went on in words. I really wish all of you were there to take in the moment, listen to those appreciate words, be with the enthusiastic children and experience such lightness of heart, that satisfaction and that humbling of ourselves. I request you to join in our next event to soak in all of it yourself.