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My Dream - Event II

The second event of 'My Dream - Nanna Kanasu' was organized in the premises of Gandhinagar High School, Kumarapark west, Bangalore. Since our aim was to target under-privileged schools, Bharath and I were taken aback when we first saw the school from outside. Though it was a Govt.School, it didn't look one bit like the ones we are accustomed to seeing. The school was very well maintained thanks to the wonderful Head-master and his supporting staff who take special interest in all the aspects of running a school.

As planned, the entire strength of the school (which was about 110 students) was divided into two groups. The short-film screening and the quiz event were conducted in parallel to each group separately one after another so that none of them missed both the events.

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The quiz was well conducted by Ashwini. Prizes were distributed to all the winners. She was ably supported by Ullas and his parents.

Archana was to compere for the film-screening event and she did a wonderful job.

The children enthusiastically participated in both the events and their response was amazing. They were thoroughly enjoying. And for us, it was heartening to see the smiles on their faces. We were truly humbled by the overwhelming response and the feedback that we have received from both the students as well as the teaching staff and it has made our resolve, to take this initiative - 'Education through Short Films- to as many schools as possible, even stronger.

As usual, the team 'Nirantara' was instrumental in providing a great support without which it would have been impossible to organize this event. Thank You Nirantara.

I, on behalf of by2coffee films, thank you all who were part of this event directly or indirectly and helped to make this event a great success.

I also thank our donors whose generosity, am sure, will go a long way in the success of this initiative.

I was very happy and so were the other members of by2coffee team. I could sleep with a smile on my face that night. A truly satisfying day!

~ Guru