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Making of "The Wit"

posted Sep 4, 2012, 8:15 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Sep 6, 2012, 11:33 AM by Vivek Shivaprabhu ]
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When I got information on this Ad competition from my film-making mentor Prabhu B Doss, I just thought why we can’t try our hands in this un-explored creative area. We dint have any prior experience but then I thought let’s take a plunge!!

Concept Generation

I sent information to my team and was very happy to know that everyone was excited to try out something new. We had a tight deadline to adhere to but dint have any concept yet. Dead-line is something that increases the performance of the IT folks I guess!! We gathered at B2C Katte (bench) at Lalbhag and started discussing different concepts/ideas. I suggested why we can’t make an Ad based on mythological story something which would be out-of-the-box!! Shridhar Reddy instantly narrated a story. Everybody liked the idea and tweaked the story a bit to suit the concept.


Then a detailed discussion followed about the way we plan to shoot. I along with direction team completed the screenplay, did a location survey, finalized actors, came up with storyboard upto the precision of every second and had a detailed discussion with our Cinematographer Guru. In the meantime production management team took a huge task of finalizing the store for costumes and getting all the props.

Storyboard made for Zomato Ad


Special Thanks to Vanajakka for readily getting us make-up artist and I was overwhelmed to see our actors in the form of Gods!! Shoot went on till evening. In one of the scenes where we were shooting Lord Shanmukha riding a Scooty-pep in a busy road, we could not manage the crowd. Someone just spread the news that Kannada film actor Darshan is in the film and he is dressed up like a God and will come in a Scooty!!!! More n more people just stood there to watch their favorite star and we were in trouble. Though we had shot it we couldn’t add that in the film due to 20 second constraint. Shoots at hotel, numerous takes of Shiva’s dialogues, Lord Ganesha’s suffocation inside the heavy mask were something to remember from the shooting experience!  :)


Editing was higly challenging for us. For 20 second ad we came up with almost 20 versions. We got in touch with professional music Composer Keerthan who whole heartedly agreed to work for our project. Special thanks to you Keerthan. With a little bit of processing and coloring we submitted the Ad on time J 


We were extremely happy to know that our creation was one among the shortlisted entries. We were glad to know that we stood one among the top 7 out of 364 entries. Later, a team from Zomato contacted us to re-work on post-processing and make a production-ready ad if possible. We did comply, spent 10 more days and ensured quality of the end-product was much more refined. Finally the result was announced; though we did not win the contest, this ad-film making gave us a great confidence and as usual endless joy J  

~ Bharath Balemane