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Making of the [un]civilized

posted May 8, 2011, 12:10 PM by Vivek Shivaprabhu   [ updated May 8, 2011, 12:12 PM ]
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Irrespective of gender, age and education....One phrase we commonly use to hide our uncivilised behavior/attitude is "this is India yar..chalta hai". Definitely many of you might have got so much angry, frustrated when people behaves in an uncivilized manner . On this context, B2C tried to influence the people who are ready to change for gud cause and For those who are not ready to change …at least understand how others feel.

The concept/story line discussion started almost a year back from the day we started shooting..There were lot of discussions took place to finalise the story .The uncivilised was a very well planned and executed short film. The story revolves around a man who is a soft natured and having civilized sense in this uncivilized society .. The script was written in very detailed manner..there was no scope for the confusion in the scenes during the shooting. A day before to shooting, the locations were identified in and around BTM layout, Bangalore.

On the day of shooting:

We had planned to assemble by 7 :30 A.M.. By the time very one assembled, it was almost 8:45A.M. We started with “Foot path Scene”. Huh our uncivilized people love camera.. As soon as you put the tripod on roads/public place, production management members are put into test!!!.

There were some tense moments when everybody started to give their own tips to director, Bhrath. He had to convince everyone what he was trying to do. Finally, he requested and demanded everyone to their respective jobs instead of sneaking into others work. Each scene started rolling and we finished the entire shooting in 5 hours.

The team packed up and moved Bharath home to finish the editing...Editing was done but the biggest problem we faced during the rendering and converting the edited film to the required video format. It took almost a week time for Bharath to upload the Video.

If we look back and see the movie, it brings back the memories that we had on the sets..tense moments, shouting , upsets and fun!!!