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Company Structure and Responsibilities

posted Feb 14, 2011, 8:10 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Oct 7, 2012, 8:48 PM ]
Managing Director
                  ·        Team management and coordination.
                  ·         Identifying new responsibilities and right person to anchor with in the team.

·         Setting up the directions for the team and tracking them. Making sure company is on the right track regarding the goals set for an year.

·         Weekly status update and tracking the goals.
Ownership: Wednesday Progress Report, Tracker 
Managing Directors
1. Chidanand G (1-Apr-2011 to 30-Sep-2011)
Board of Directors


Bharath Balemane

  Chairman, Head of Films and Training Initiatives

·         Setting up the Goals and directions for an year.

·         Planning shortfilms for entire year and engaging right people from the team to execute the films 
·         Improving film making skills and making sure B2C is equipped with required assets, skillset to make short films.  
·         Training initiatives, sharing film making learning and planning team presence for workshops, screenings, weekend film sessions etc
            Ownership: Concept DB, Training DB
            Additional Responsibility: Director, Project My Dream


Gururaj Bagli

  Head of Marketing and Website Content Editor

·         Marketing strategies and tracking the marketing initiatives taken.

·         Recognising talents and getting them on board
·         Tie ups with media firms and other promotional ventures

·         Regular blogs, content reviews for film related materials, films reviews on the website.

Ownership: Marketing Contact DB

Additional Responsibility: Director, Project Medical Awareness


Amarnath V. B.

  Head of Public Relations and Office Affairs

·         Engage talented people and expand the dream team with enthusiastic people.

·         Spokesperson from B2C in terms of media relations and public engagements.

·         Making sure B2C as a brand is spreading across by making large presence in social n/w sites and other means for non-internet users

·         Visiting cards, banner, posters, brochures prepared liaising with others for design  

Ownership: Talent DB  

            Additional Responsibility: Director, B2C Short Story and Poems Apps


Chidanand G

  Head of Business Development and Finance

·         Tracking the business development and making sure business is on right track

·         Client engagements for the projects and project management

·         Defining processes and policies        

·         Account management and finance approvals

Ownership: Customer DB, Balance sheet

            Additional Responsibility: Director, Commercial Project Management and Client Engagement


Vivek R S

  Head of Software and Website Design

·         Enhancing new features on website

·         Initiatives to increase website traffic

·         Using website extensively to attract business            

·         Initial analysis and recommending film related software


Vishwanath Navalehal

  Head of Research, Assets and Legal Affairs

·         Continues research on market trends and new avenues
·         Research on film related equipment
·         Purchase of equipment, products or any assets related to the company
·         Copyrights, Registration and other any issues related to legal terms
Additional Responsibility: Director, K V Subbanna Aptha Samooha Initiatives



Shridhar Reddy

  Head of Advertisements and Film Fest Initiatives

·         Advertisement strategies for net and non-net users

·         Publicity initiatives for B2C in terms of ads, films, brochures etc

·         Film fest entries, submission

·         Film fest director for B2C

Ownership: Film Fest DB

Additional Responsibility: Director, B2C Film Fest
                                                                          Dream Team

Ashwini Shivanand and Ullas Kooli

  Coordinators – B2C Community Ventures – “My Dream

                ·         Setting up roadmap for “My Dream” at the start of the year

                ·         Coordinating with NGO – Nirantara – for the efficient use of work force and event management

                ·         Event planning, budgeting

                ·         Event promotions, publicity for donations


Girish Bijjal


                 ·         Marketing Strategies

                 ·         Innovative Initiatives in in getting customers from different lines of businesses

                 ·         Recognizing talents and getting them on board


Vishwesh Bhat

  Music Direction and Playback Singing

                 ·         Music related requirement for B2C

                 ·         Getting budding musicians on board for various music requirements.