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CineShorts - Terms & Conditions

posted Aug 23, 2014, 10:30 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Aug 24, 2014, 9:35 PM ]

By2coffeefilms is inviting for inspirational stories to make a short film for competition.
Terms and conditions

Story Invite:

  • Story is invited to make a short film in Hindi with a theme of "Against All Odds" to participate in the Viacom 18 Mary Kom* Short film contest
  • Story can be based on real life heroes and/or fictional work where part of the script can be based on inspirational personalities.
  • It has to be noted that that the short-film will be under 5min. So your Story should take this into account. Concept/script can be from few lines but shouldn't exceed 1 page. 
  • Last date to send your entry is 5th September 2014
  • You can send your entries at contactus@by2coffeefilms.com or whatsapp the concept to 9008999200
  • Credit as Story Sourcing or Story will be given to you if your story is selected.
  • No remuneration or rewards in terms of cash or in any other form will be given to the story writer or to the inspirational personality on whom the story is based as film is self-funded by Team by2coffeefilms and is not made for any commercial purpose.
  • If your story is based on the real life hero, it is expected that the requisite permission to bring it on-screen has been taken by you just to avoid any future legal issues.If our film wins a prize then part of the winning amount will go either to the real life hero on whom film is based or will go to NGO(s). Amount to be partaken will be decided by the team by2coffeefilms.
  • Any disputes with the inspirational personality in terms of authenticity of your story or any other legal matters arising forthwith has to be settled by you.  

* Read more about Mary Kom here