April 5, 2018

Sound Sleep

The World of Insomnia

What will happen when you develop a strange condition which leads to insomnia? This silent short film is a story of a woman who has difficulty sleeping; find out how she gets what she wants most in her life — The Sound Sleep!

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We believe in telling intriguing stories

We believe in making concept-oriented films with strong content that can resonate with millions around the globe. This story explores the effects and impact of insomnia, a sleeplessness and an interesting cause to it. It's a story worth telling.

We need your help to reach global film festivals

Your funding will go towards film festival entry fees in the US and around the world. You will have a unique opportunity to become a producer and work with an award-winning short-film maker.

Other ways you can help

Thanks for taking your time to read about us and our work. You can also help us by:

  • Spreading the word about our project with your friends and family - anyone who may be interested in supporting and funding this creative venture.
  • Sharing this campaign on social media platforms and help us to reach out to the wider community- bigger audience.


  • Chaitra Shekar-Arun - Actor
  • Shwetha Rao - Executive Producer
  • Bharath Balemane - Director
  • Amit Thatavarti - Assistant Director
  • Vijay Jampa - Assistant Director
  • Omkar Deshpande - Music
  • Vivek Shivaprabhu - IT & Website
  • Srikant Patil - Posters
  • by2coffee films - Production House

The cast and crew are not paid for their services.

April 6, 2018

Our Backers

Thanks to all our backers who helped us to reach the target of USD 1001 within 48 hours and we are going strong. Our campaign will run till May 3rd on Indiegogo. Keep funding... and, thanks a million!

Co-Producer ($200)

  • Akshatha Gopal Padukone

  • Dr. Sunil Kumar
Associate Producers ($100)

  • Rajeswari G.T.

  • Abhishek Satham

  • Ronith Reddy Bhoomi

  • Roshan Hadal

  • Nandini & Nagaraj C.L.

  • Shivaleela & Basavaraja Kotgi

Crowd Funding Backers

Our Sponsors ($50~$99)
Anand Sundarram • Divya & Harish Chava • Natasha J. Prakash & Venugopal A. • Nisha & Deepak • Prithvi Gowda • Sahana & Sadashiv Hegde • Srimala Murthy • Suma & Sundaresh

Our Backers ($25~$49)
Abhijith Prabhudev • Anand D. • Avanti Deshpande • Chandini Pradeep • Fabeeha & Ali Sheikh • Reshma Shirali & Narayan Shetty • Shilpa & Damodar Prabhu • Shriraksha & Yogesh Shetty • Shruti & Praveen Shetty • Sriram Srinivasan • Vikas Luthra

Our Supporters ($5~$24)
Bindu Chawla • Kartikeya Shiruru • Sakshi & Bhashyam • Suhas Rao • Suvarna & Prakash Rao • Yogendra Vijay

Our undying gratitude to our Anonymous Backers

March 31, 2018

Seed Producer

To raise the seed-fund, we had a social media bidding for a water color painting - 12X16 inch (titled #ThanksUniverse). We are glad that we found a patron Mr. Chidanand G., from Bangalore, India, who won the bid for USD 77 (INR 5000). Thank You!

May 13, 2018

205% Funds Raised

May 13, 2018

Funds by Country