About Us

It’s always tricky to write about ‘us’ isn’t it? Tricky because the introduction shouldn’t sound pompous and yet should speak good things about us. J And since this is supposed to be an ‘about us’ page we would like to introduce ourselves in a short and sweet way of course without being pretentious...

We are a bunch of enthusiastic, like-minded, fun-loving individuals coming from different backgrounds, working for different companies. But one thing that really brought us together was the passion that we carried in us. The passion to pursue our passion in indulging something creative. As a matter of fact, the association that had really begun during our engineering graduation days when we were a part of a college theatre group, fortunately, continued. And more importantly each one of us had the zeal, still carried the same passion and were waiting for the right platform to quench our creative thirst. This was the time when we came up with the idea of having our own production unit and involve ourselves in making short-films. We chose this because there was no doubt in our minds as to the kind of reach that this medium could give us. And since we had exposure in theatre, we felt we could easily leverage the experience we had gained. Interestingly, it was a unanimous decision on the kind of short-films that would come from our stable. That has become our mission now.

We have already taken a plunge and have given wings to our ideas by forming by2coffee films. We hope that we sustain this venture and create memorable short-films.

We aim:

  • To pursue our passion and cherish our dreams in the field of movie-making.
  • To create socially relevant, message-oriented short films and make a contribution to the society in our own way.
  • To expand and build our expertise in the areas of ad-film making, corporate films and documentaries.